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Since its Inception in 1996, Bright Computers has been at the forefront of leading Navi Mumbai towards 100 % Computer Literacy . We are realising the dream of one institution ,Navi Mumbai Prakalpgrastha Punarvasan Sanstha , to provide qualitycomputer at reasonable rates to all sections of the society , rich or poor . 

Our beginning was very small wherein we had single lab and few faculties to contend with however perseverance and hard work of the Teaching staff and Management paid off and now we boast of 3 Labs which accommodate around 20 students each and a branch in seawoods which has the capability of 15 students to work with . our staff has increased two fold boasting of around 8-10 faculties . We have changed from conducting a few private courses to conducting Government courses like Vocational board English typing and MKCL's MSCIT .

Que sara Sara The Future's is ours to see and therefore we are in the process of acquiring other MKCL courses like KLIC courses . We are also in the process of setting up new branches in other parts of Navi Mumbai . 


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