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Course Syllabus

Formulas & Functions

  • Easily build dynamic tools & Excel dashboards to filter, display and analyze your data
  • Go rogue and design your own formula-based formatting rules
  • Join datasets from multiple sources in seconds with lookup, index & match functions
  • Pull real-time data from APIs directly into Excel (weather, stock quotes, directions etc.)
  • Automate tedious and time-consuming analytics tasks using cell formulas and functions in Excel

Data Analysis With Pivot

  • Skills to take you from ZERO to PRO with Excel's most powerful data analysis tools
  • How to use Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts to streamline and absolutely revolutionize your workflow

Charts & Graphs

  • Deep understanding of WHEN, WHY, and HOW to use charts in Excel
  • Automated dashboards, scrolling charts, dynamic formatting and more!
  • Fun, interactive and highly effective lessons

Financial Modeling & Valuation

  • Learn how to build sound Financial Models and stand out at your job
  • An in-depth understanding of the mechanics of Company Valuation
  • Build your files in a professional way
  • Demonstrate superior Excel skills at work
  • Be prepared for your investment Banking, Financial Advisory or Consulting job

Stock Fundamental Analysis With Excel

  • Understand main financial statements
  • Interpret financial and investment ratios
  • Define a company's cost of equity, debt and capital
  • Valuate a company's theoretical stock price
  • Calculate a company's stock option prices 


 Duration : 45 Sessions